Spa Treatment


Body Glow Scrub

  • 45 mins : 1,200 Baht
  • Thai Herbal Scrub: For all skin type, make skin radiant, soft and smooth.
  • Green Tea Scrub: Regenerates and increase collagen, making healthy skin. (Sensitive skin)
  • Himalayan Salt Scrub: To addition of mineral to the skin as Himalayan salt has energy accumulated in the past and natural energy is released when being used.

This treatment exfoliates the skin and remove dull surface cell. This refinement of the epidermis, not only makes the skin feel smoother: it actually accelerates the growth of new cells. It allows the skin to look clearer, fresher and brighter.

Body Wrap / Mask

  • 45 mins : 1,200 Baht
  • Thai Herbal Mask: Clears the skin, Make skin radiant.
  • Green Tea Mask: Reduce wrinkle and slow down the skin aging.
  • Brightening Mask: Brightening and radiant.

Body wrap helps to hydrate the skin leaving the skin soft and smooth. In addition it allows the whole body to re-mineralized. This is best after our body glow program.

Floral Milk Bath

  • 30 mins : 800 Baht

It is time to relaxing your body which is helps restore skin balance. Milk has vitamins that useful to nourish your skin soften, firming and moisturize even more diminish wrinkles.


Herbal Steam

  • 20 mins : 800 Baht


Herbal steam therapy allows the therapeutic properties of the herbs, when diffused with steam and inhaled, to help promote deep breathing, improve blood circulation and draw out toxins from the body. It also serves to clean and open up the skin pores before the body scrub. It can also be beneficial prior to some spa massages offered.