Oil Massage


Aromatherapy Massage (warm oil)

  • 60 mins : 980 Baht
  • 90 mins : 1,380 Baht
  • 120 mins : 1,880 Baht

Choose from our 3 specialized blends of essential oil for this massage. We will pamper you with soft, slow, flowing and rhythmic massage techniques to ease away tension. These oils provide healthy equilibrium to your body, mind and spirit. Your whole body will be totally stimulated and your spirit will be carried away to the stage of relax.

After Sun Massage

  • 60 mins : 980 Baht
  • 90 mins : 1,380 Baht
  • 120 mins : 1,880 Baht

This massage is unique with its soothing, cooling and nourishing effects, to bring about quick skin cell regeneration, restoring and beautifying the damaged skin. We use pure aloe vera gel, mixed with almond oil on your skin and health are precious give yourself the best.

Shea Butter Cream Massage

  • 60 mins : 1,250 Baht
  • 90 mins : 1,650 Baht
  • 120 mins : 2,300 Baht

Shea butter cream made from Shea nut. Moreover relaxing muscles this helps to deep moisturize skin.

Indian Head Massage

  • 60 mins : 1,600 Baht

An Indian head massage is a gentle healing treatment based on ayurvedic philosophy, helping to relieve stress, ward off illness and strengthen relationships through physical affection. This massage improves of blood circulation to the head and neck. Increase supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. The essential oils used in the treatment is coconut oil will also benefit in healthy such as help treat dandruff, fungus and bacteria on the scalp, Nourishes the hair, making hair black and beautiful natural shine, Nourish damaged hair solutions to hair loss split ends, Prevent gray hair, hair loss and much more.